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“Laura has as real gift for working with the elderly.  She engages Ginny in activities that help keep her mind alert.  She kept Ginny very calm during a fall and handled the emergency situation in an excellent manner.  Ginny really enjoys the time spent with Laura.  Thank you.

- Virginia (daughter of Ginny)

"I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to you, your Care Givers, and staff. Thanks to your entire team both my Mother and Father were able to remain living at home with me and receive the needed care for as long as possible. As you are aware, my parents required their own specialized care specific to their medical needs. Your team of Care Givers attended to these needs in a friendly and professional way. Having caring people coming into our home that I was able to trust with the care of my parents was a priceless feeling. Knowing they were in good hands also allowed me to have some free time. Thanks to the Anita’s Angels team my Mother and Father always had caring persons at their side. It’s a blessing to have one's parents with them for many years. Having people from your team helps keep those blessings going for as long as possible. If anybody was to ask me about in-home care, I would not hesitate to let them know about Anita’s Angels. Again, my sincere thanks to you and your whole team for the wonderful services provided to my parents."       

- William

"We were so pleased with Anita’s Angels. The angels you sent us – Kate and Betty – were just great people. Both were compassionate, professional and very personable. Their gentle and understanding patience with our mother was highly valued. The thoughtful design of your caregiving is notable. Of the various services and agencies we have come into contact with over the years, Anita’s Angels was the only one to ask us about Mother as an individual – her life and experiences, hobbies and interests, her enthusiasms. That personal touch goes a long way toward developing a rapport between caregiver and care-recipient. Thank you for creating such a valuable service as Anita’s Angels. I have no doubt that Anita herself is looking down on you all and just beaming with approval and pride. With sincere thanks and gratitude,"

  - Connie and Devon

“When my widowed father-in-law was suddenly hospitalized at age 81 and then moved to a rehabilitation center for several weeks, we looked to Anita’s Angels for his transitional care. We wanted him to return to the comfort and familiar setting of his own home as he wished, but knew we couldn’t provide the level of caregiving that he needed. We found Anita’s Angels to be immediately responsive to our needs in a very professional manner. The staff is caring, warm, and dedicated to senior caregiving in a manner which allowed us to feel very comfortable. They were able to work with us to establish a flexible schedule as needed and the level of personal care was excellent. The progress my father-in-law made during his recovery can be directly attributed to Anita’s Angels.”

  - Joe (Marie and Joe)

"My 81 year old father has lived with our family since the death of my mother in 1994. In October, 2006, he fell and broke his kneecap and badly injured his ribs. Despite my husband and me working full time and raising three children, we tried to care for my dad ourselves. It was very stressful and after the first week we realized that we needed some type of outside help, but we were unsure where to turn. Anita’s Angels was recommended to us. We called and immediately had an interview set up with Tom Bay, the owner. Tom was very professional, thorough, and quite understanding as to what our needs were. We have lived in Raritan Township for 18 years. It seemed every time we mentioned Anita’s Angels and the Bay’s he was highly thought of and recommended. Whether it was our church, neighbors, our daughter’s friend’s parents, or our local pharmacists, Tom was well known and everyone spoke of him with high regard.  We primarily had three different “Angels”, Betty, Kate, and Anne. Our schedule changed from week to week and they were very accommodating with our needs. My father was extremely comfortable with all three women. They did everything that we asked them from preparing my dad’s meals, helping him maneuver with his walker and leg splint, housework, driving him to physical therapy, and even walking our dog, Jackie! My dad has always followed a daily routine. He is an avid reader and sets aside time each day to say his prayers. The “Angels” were very aware of when he needed his private time. He truly enjoyed their company. Anita’s Angels allowed my husband and I to continue working and have peace of mind that my dad was being well cared for. It also allowed us to come home and not have to worry about dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc. We were able to get back to our normal regular lifestyle (if there is such a thing with three teenagers)! But the most important part was that my dad was comfortable and always spoke of the enjoyable days he had with Betty, Kate, and Anne. My dad is almost fully recovered and we thank Anita’s Angels in part for his recovery. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to call the office staff at Anita’s Angels. They were exactly what we needed during our “time of need”.

  - Anna 
    Daughter of Ken (Charlie)

"Many thanks to Tom, Peggy and especially Kwabena for helping my dad on a few hours-notice. You really came through for my dad and made it possible for me to take a breath again. I would not hesitate to use your agency again. I would also like to say that Kwabena (or Mr. K as we called him) has a beautiful spirit and calming effect on the patient."

   -Judy (daughter of client)

"We would like to thank you all for your efforts and kindness in taking care of Jean. It was a great relief to our family knowing that she was in good hands. She was one of a kind. I’m sure many of you have walked away carrying an interesting story about Jean! Thanks again."

   - Virginia and Mark

"You certainly know how to choose Angels! Betty, Maria, Linda, Michelle and Sarah came to us at a time when we were in great need of support and they couldn’t have been better in so many ways. Each used their own special talents to fill our needs. They helped with everything, always providing needed support with great care, communication skills and advice. Maria and Sarah especially touched Ken, helping him to relearn his college Spanish and enabled him to utilize his mind. With much appreciation to all for their care and friendship. I’ll never forget them."

Franke (wife of client)

"Sarah has been so wonderful, kind and helpful to us in so many ways. Her Spanish lessons have helped Ken to improve his memory of Spanish. She also is a marvelous cook and prepared many delicious dinners for us. She always looks for a need and goes out of her way to make things better. Thanks for sending her to us – she’s really an angel and we love her." 

  - Francine (wife of client)

"Well, I don't know what we would have done without you. When Mother had her first terrible stroke and had to go to Rolling Hills for rehab, we had no idea that she would be able to to go to home again. Because of you, and especially Francis. but all of you who make all the arrangements, handle the logistics, making sure that whatever is needed is seen to, because of you, Mother was able to spend her last 4 months in the nest that she loved so much, at home with her dear cat, looking out the windows at her lovely woods. I know that she was a handful! But Francis handled her with good humor and professionalism. He got to know her so well - her moods and her needs - and he took excellent care of her and of your home. He was respectful, but he was insistent on doing everything that had to be done, even when Mother resisted. Not an easy task, but he was more than up to it. Please accept our eternal and heartfelt thanks."

- Pamela (daughter of client)


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